Story behind us

Nursing is one of the most beautiful and empathic professions. Every nurse touches the hearts of those they meet and service.

Since my heart merged into the Nursing profession and I started working as a qualified nurse, I have always thought about uplifting this profession. Nurses have an array of knowledge and skills in medical fields but I noticed that they were undervalued when I was appointed to work in various hospitals in Nepal, and this haunted and plagued my mind so often. When the doors were opened for Nepalese nurses in the UK, so many nurses migrated to work in the UK. However, it was not easy to settle onto our own 2 feet in the UK health service. It felt like there was an iron gate between the nurses and getting their PIN number to qualify as nurses, and although many of us were successful, so many nurses were facing difficulties and facing hard times.

Financially and both mentally, many were unjustly treated by some agents and we could do nothing as there was no one that could speak for us. That was the main motive behind uniting together to uplift our profession,and work for needy people whenever possible.

We had our first discussions when Indira Bashyal and I met Radha Ghimire, who was a very enthusiastic nurse that wanted to bring nurses together. On many occasions Indira and I discussed these issues and had requested Rama Khanal in my house to further process.

Finally, Indira and I decided to have a get together in Raj Spice restaurant Watford on the 24th of August 2008 on the auspicious occasions of Shri Krishna Janmashtami, inviting nurses and other people as well. Around 25 nurses were gathered and that group of nurses decided to form an hoc committee, and the leadership responsibility was given to me. This was something that came from our heart, to bring all Nepalese Nurses under one umbrella, even it was not easy after booking the restaurant for the program we faced a challenge. If nurses or our other guests didn’t attend, we had to pay money from our pocket which was 400 pounds for the event. I can still recall that Indira and I decided to pay fifty fifty.

In this journey, the respected Dammer Ghale daju, and other various personalities, were so helpful and used to encourage me a lot . First journalist was Nabin Pokharel who had published our stories and articles in Nepali Patra.

After forming ad hoc committee, the real challenge was to reach every nurse who was working in the UK. Tuka Sandwell madam, who was well established and the first Nepalese nurse in the UK, was our inspiration and our backbone for NNAUK.

On the 24th of August 2008, we formed a group and gave a formal birth to NNAUK. The names of the founders are :

1. Pratistha Parajuli
2. Indira Bashyal
3. Mana Sunuwar
4. Sushila karki
5. Basu Lamichhane
6. Ajita Simkhada
7. Dilu Ranabhat
8. Sumitra Pun
9. Radhika Acharya
10. Rama Khanal
11. Indira Regmi
12. Sahadevi Pun
13. Bindu Sharma
14. Muna Gyawali
15. Gyanu Gauchan
16. Nirmala Tiwari
17. Gita Simkhada Lamichhane

We were very positive and enthusiastic regarding our aim and goals, with everyone’s full spirit and energy. Likewise we had to face so many challenges to establish ourselves in this country. Challenges such as system, family commitment, life’s responsibility, economical challenges, social challenges, trust issues, etc.

Once we started walking, we thought we shouldn’t weaken our feet so eventually, regardless of challenges, we established a formal organization on the 10th of December 2008, naming it Nepalese Nursing Association UK ”NNAUK “. We designed our own logo with the motto “ Working Together “ with help of Rama Khanal. Sushila taken the role of constructing the “ Constitution”. Everyone put their energy to establish and we all worked well towards achieving our stated goals.
These are nurses who were ready to take the responsibility to drive this organization:
President: Ajita Simkhada
Vice-President: Laxmi Bhusal
General Secretary: Mana Maya Sunuwar
Secretary: Indira Bashyal
Assistant Secretary: Rama Khanal
Treasurer: Indira Regmi
1. Basu Lamichhane
2. Bindu Sharma
3. Radhika Acharya
4. Apsara Khulal
5. Sushila Karki
6. Sushmina Shrestha
7. Sharmila Bardewa

At end I would like to express gratitude to all the nurses and other personalities for their constant support to form NNAUK.
My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude,in fact I cannot easily be expressed with words. Our mission was not possible without your help. You accepted and trusted me to lead NNAUK. Your every effort, hard work,generosity, love, compassion, kindness are written in my heart in line by lines.
Special thanks to Indira Bashyal, Tuka Sandwell madam, Mana Maya Sunuwar, Sushila Karki, Rama Khanal, Bhagirathi Yogi and everyone who have been doing continuous support from beginning till now.

I feel overwhelmed when this organisation is growing well and achieving our stated goals.
I trust and I believe our enthusiastic, hard working, kind hearted nurses will achieve more than what we expected.